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September 25th, 2009 3 comments

I’m against this (and not just because the song is just plain awful):

But there’s a strong, and apparently unself-conscious overlap, between many of the loudest protesters and those who see no problem with prayer in the public school. At least the video can be (weakly) defended as an expression of civics in a secular, public classroom; not so with prayer.

And speaking of civics, this Obama song is nothing like the earlier education speech that had the Michelle Malkins of the world in a froth. As even some conservatives have grudgingly acknowledged, a similar sort of speech by Reagan in 1988¬† went unchallenged by the lot of them. As well it should; there’s a world’s difference between a speech on education that the President, as our national leader, delivers in the hope of inspiring others to follow¬† his example, and the brainless tribute delivered in this video. But don’t expect that distinction to be explored by the Malkins of the world.

It would make their heads hurt.