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The Specter of a Post-Specter Era

May 18th, 2010 No comments

Arlen Specter and his wife Joan leave his campaign´s election night headquarters after conceding to Joe Sestak.  (Charles Fox / Staff Photographer)

As most pundits had come to expect over the last week or so, Joe Sestak did indeed defeat Democrat-come-lately Arlen Specter tonight. Here‘s a good summary of Specter’s unlikely career (from the Inquirer). Hard to believe that Houdini finally encountered a trap he couldn’t escape.

With some hesitation, I voted for Sestak. (I heard him speak at a commencement last Spring, and wasn’t that impressed.) Still, he’s a true progressive and Specter is as soulless and calculating a politician as you’ll find — and 80 years old, too. Yet I wonder whether Sestak will be as effective at getting things done, assuming he defeats Pat Toomey in the Fall.

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