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“Abortion is an ObamaNation.com”

The quote that forms the title for this post was plastered on a truck driven by a member of Operation Rescue. The vehicle also sports a poster of a fetal hand on a coin. They’re not going for subtlety.

The vitriolic protests against abortion providers continue, this time with Dr. LeRoy Carhart filling the late Dr. George Tiller‘s role as the focal point for the anger. Carhart, you may recall, led an unsuccessful challenge to the so-called “partial birth abortion law; the sharply divided Supreme Court ruled that Congress could constitutionally rule out one form of late-term abortion as long as it permitted another means of accomplishing the same task. Justice Kennedy’s opinion for the majority misunderstands both medical practice and public health principles, and, as Justice Ginsburg noted in dissent, won’t actually save the life of a single fetus. (At most it will put doctors at risk of liability for making on-the-spot decisions on how best to perform the procedure.)

Carhart’s public stance, courage, and notoriety explain may why he’s now been targeted. And yes, he does some (but very few)  late-term abortions; as evidenced by the back-and-forth I had with Andrew Sullivan a couple of months ago (see here, here, here, and here), as well as the many testimonials he published on the issue, these abortions are the ones that get people the most worked up. (Maybe they shouldn’t, though, because most of these abortions are to terminate the life of the most seriously deformed fetuses, many of whom wouldn’t even be born alive. But this post isn’t going to revisit the issue.) Given what happened to Tiller, and the willingness of Operation Rescue to refortify the ramparts so soon after his murder, Carhart understandably fears for his life. If anything does happen to him, the principals of that group will express ritual disapproval, but not remorse.

Also of interest here is the use of the now-familiar “ObamaNation” (read: abomination) slogan and its purported connection to everything that’s thought to be wrong: taxes; health care reform; now, abortion. But what has Obama to do with abortion? The practice has been legal continuously since 1973, yet the anti-abortion forces feel,  with some justification, that they have a kindred spirit in office during Republican administrations. Democrats allow this, well, abomination to continue, and don’t even have the decency to mount a rhetorical struggle against it. So violence and the threats of it escalate, dramatically, during Democratic presidencies.

I still haven’t accounted for the “.com” at the end of the slogan.  Now we’ve got something concrete: Obamanation.com is the url for a group that is dedicated to stopping what it sees as an Obama-led black genocide; black fetuses are aborted in disproportionately high numbers. (Here’s the organization’s page with data supporting that point; I haven’t checked out the underlying reports.) But in a larger sense it “Obamanation” stands for everything that’s wrong, and for the poor sap who happens to be at the epicenter of it all.

  1. Robert
    August 29th, 2009 at 11:28 | #1

    Christians are misguided by people who want to use them for their own benefit. Look at the Bible and do what Jesus would do not what man tells you to do if you are really a Christian. Jesus would nor use violence even to defend himself. Good and evil are determined by you, in your mind,therefore I understand why you feel the way you do but you have to open your mind to see why others feel the way they feel and determine if they are doing it to be evil or if they think they are doing something good, this is all based on how your and their minds have been programed. If you think violence is wrong then you are letting evil make you evil and you are part of the problem not the solution to it. Your Bible is the New Testament not the Old Testament ( unless you are Jewish ) There are no 10 Commandments in your Bible, so please read the New Testament and follow it or Christians will bear the same image as Bin Laden Muslims do and I don’t think we want that. Tolerance, Love, Compassion are in the New Testament but not HATRED OR SELFISHNESS. I’m afraid there are to many Republican type so called Christians and it is giving real Christians a bad name just as Bin Laden has given Muslims a bad name here. So ask yourself before you follow someone or group blindly do they follow the New Testament for guidance, and ask yourself who in the leadership of any political party is Jesus like or follows his teachings but first read the Bible that was written for your religion yourself! Thanks and God Bless. One more thing Jesus does not care about the 10 Commandments being in the Court House and they are not even in the Christian Bible. LOVE THY BROTHER AS IF HE WERE YOU, COMPASSION. TOLERANCE, FORGIVENESS.

  2. Tara
    August 29th, 2009 at 20:03 | #2

    Robert, you are very misguided. Christians honor the WHOLE Bible, not just the New Testament, the Old Testament is the complete prophecy for the new…you can’t just start life at age 40, you take the entire life to equal the sum of all the parts…
    Jesus did show anger…he was outraged at the temple being used by money changers…why? Because it dishonored his father!! Breaking the commandments dishonors our Lord…abortion is breaking a commandment. Does it mean we do not love our brother who commits such heinous acts? No, but it does not mean we are to tolerate his sin..
    There is no evil in speaking up for the innocent that have no voice, that is honorable….what about the Samaritan who stopped to help the Jewish man with torn clothing begging for help on the streets…that man had no voice, he had been beaten up…all the others would not stop because it was the Sabbath and/or they assumed he was tainted. Jesus PRAISED the Samaritan…he took the time to stop and help a man who could not help himself….there is no evil in that.
    Never in the New Testament does it say to tolerate the murder of innocent life…
    To say that Jesus does not ‘care’ about the 10 commandments is outrageous. Jesus IS God..God created the commandments, Jesus is there to show us that not one of us is able to keep each commandment, but through Him we have salvation, mercy and grace…never does it say to abandon God’s guiding words.
    I know NO one who is blindly following anyone at these protests..they are led by the spirit and called to do so….the infants being murdered are who are seeking our compassion, how can we turn our efforts on their lost life. I will always fight for the sanctity of life, through my prayers and non-violent actions..if just one life is saved, it is worth it. The only reason this doctor does it is for money, hmm…something in common with those moneychangers.

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