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The Conversation that Wasn’t?

May 20th, 2009 No comments

According to the website Towleroad, the Prop 8 decision was to have issued tomorrow, but San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom reached out to the California Supreme Court and asked for a delay. The reason, supposedly, was the mayor’s concern about releasing the opinion on the 30th Anniversary of the White Night Riots in San Francisco; the city had gone ballistic in response to the decision handed down that day finding Harvey Milk’s killer, Dan White, guilty of only manslaughter. This brief clip from that night will give you a sense of the depth of the anger, unlikely to be matched even in the unlikely event that Adam Lambert doesn’t become America’s Idol in the next few minutes:

Oddly, the same story from Towleroad contains a press release from the Mayor’s office denying the claim, but Towleroad is standing by it. In any event, no release tomorrow.

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