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Comments Welcome

March 30th, 2009 1 comment

It turns out (to my surprise)  that no one was able to comment on posts until just recently. Now  you can do so without logging in.1  The comment feature just “went live” and already there are several provocative comments; feel free to join in (or not).

This may also be a good time to pause briefly after two-plus months of high-intensity blogging to thank you for reading and for telling people about <>.  Readership has been steadily growing, week by week. I greatly enjoy writing these entries and am glad for the company.

For those who are very recently reading here, and who haven’t the time or inclination to go back through the first 50+ entries, the following are the ones I most enjoyed writing, for one reason or another (in reverse chronological order):

3/22: “Floating Like a (Meta)Butterfly” (Jon Stewart v his detractors)

3/08: “The ‘M’ Words” (facetiously proposing a new word for same-sex marriages)

3-04-3/06: Several posts before, during (live blog) and after Prop 8 oral arguments.

2/17: “The Third Chimpanzee, The Winter’s Tale, and the Imperatives of Biology” (as complicated as it sounds)

1/27: “Forms Over Substance” (on my experience dealing with the Social Security Office and trying to get a change of SSN for our two adoptive daughters)

Again, thanks!

  1. This means, though, that I get lots of “spam” comments. For the last time: No, I don’t want to buy “Propecia.”