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Kitty DuBois

February 21st, 2010 No comments

Do you care about Tiger Woods? About his apology? Me, neither.

Right now, MSNBC — the self-titled “Place for Politics” — is airing “The Rise and Fall of Tiger Woods.” So I flipped to CNN, and the crawl read: “Tiger Woods [sic] mistress cries during apology.” Stop, already. OK, I guess that if you love golf (but why?), Tiger’s absence deprives the “sport” of its superstar (but one you rooted for? really? why?). Otherwise, the horrifying career death spiral that we all craned to see a few weeks ago was spectacle enough; this apology is just…{yawn}…zzzz. And to whom does he owe an apology, anyway? His wife, for sure. His sponsors, yes… especially if they can’t get out of paying him even though he’s been degraded from a hurricane to a tropical depression: from Tiger Woods to Kitty DuBois. (Let the drag shows begin!) Anyone else who cares should spend their extra time on, say, Ken-Ken puzzles.

I do give Tiger credit, though, for somehow hoodwinking the American public into averting its eyes from the fact that televised golf is hour upon hour of unrelieved tedium. At least his fall is marginally more interesting. If and when he does return to golf, may he be cosmically unsuccessful. Now, that would be worth watching (for about ten minutes). Everyman Phil Mickelson seems like a nicer guy, anyway.

Race and Swimming (Part X the Unknown)

July 21st, 2009 1 comment

This story just keeps getting more absurd. Now Tyler Perry, with a “creative step” of his own,  is footing the bill for a trip to Disney World for the Creative Steps kids who were subjected to racist comments and actions, and booted from the Valley Swim Club. According to CNN, which has been following this story, he says:

“‘This [treatment by Valley Club was] awful, and for anyone that has grown up in the inner-city, you know that one small act of kindness can change your life,’ he wrote, adding that with the trip to Disney World, ‘I want them to know that for every act of evil that a few people will throw at you, there are millions more who will do something kind for them. This is all about the kids.'”

All about the kids? Here’s what they are being taught so far. (Stay tuned for future lessons.)

  • If you’re aggrieved, sue. Don’t try to mediate. Don’t forgive. Don’t try to understand anyone else’s point of view. Just sue.
  • If you garner enough media attention, maybe some publicity-hungry celebrity will shower goodies on you,  to “compensate” you for what happened. Never mind the countless other city kids who have little or no access to recreational facilities. Let them get their own celebrity benefactor.
  • Racism can be cynically mined for cash.

Again, I don’t doubt the racism here. It was clear, and has essentially been admitted. Nor do I think that it should pass without consequence. But enough, already.

    Race and Swimming (Part Three)

    July 15th, 2009 3 comments

    It seems like the Creative Steps-Valley Swim Club controversy isn’t going away any time soon. The ligitation howitzer, which I cautioned against yesterday, has been fired. This CNN story has the details.

    The misunderstandings and recriminations continue. Sen. Arlen Specter has stepped in; after meeting with club officials and Creative Steps Executive Director Alethea Wright, he  suggested the useful compromise of mediation. The Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department offers this possibility.

    Unsolicited advice to Creative Steps: Please take Sen. Specter up on this offer.

    The damages in this case, while real, likely aren’t great enough to warrant the time, expense and emotional cost of litigation, especially where the offending party has expressed regret and offered to work to fix the problem. The nastiness of some of the comments I received on the first post I did on this issue only reinforces my belief that litigation is no substitute for understanding, dialogue and education.

    Here’s a hopeful sign of progress:

    “I hope we can teach our children a lesson — that you should admit errors. We should have done things differently. And if there are differences, we can overcome them.”

    — Bernice Duesler, wife of Valley Club President John Duesler

    50,000! (Thanks)

    July 14th, 2009 No comments

    In late January of this year, I started to blog faithfully. Doing so was scary, as what I most feared was a clanging silence. As this recent article in the New York Times points out, in 2008 there were some 133 million blogs, of which about 7.4 million had been updated within the past 120 days. I’m glad I didn’t know that before I started.

    Six months into this, I’m happy and proud to report that, just a few minutes ago, crossed the 50,000 page view threshold! The audience has grow each month, with June seeing an explosion: Over 8,000 unique visitors viewed more than 22,000 total pages.

    As regular readers know, I cover all kinds of social, political, sports-related, personal, and just plain silly issues. I’ve had lively and, I hope, respectful debates with other bloggers, notably Andrew Sullivan over at the Atlantic (the Daily Dish), who engaged me in a back-and-forth over late-term abortion. My current take on the Philadelphia area swimming pool controversy has been linked to CNN, and spawned a ton of comments (not all of which are as respectful as I’d hope).

    The blog has been fun to write, and enlightening to me. I’ve changed some positions, and been inspired to think about things that I might otherwise have ignored. Thanks for your interest, your encouragement, and — always — your comments and suggestions.