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Federer, The Movie(s)

June 9th, 2009 No comments

Watch this:

…and this…

finally, this…

These “scenes from a career” are about all I have to add to the endless stream of tributes bathing Roger Federer in the wake of annexing his first French Open title this past Sunday; the win that gives him cred in the “best ever” argument. But the issue of who’s best can’t be resolved by arguments, stats, or by any other means extrinsic to the game. Just as reading a music review provides little illumination of what you really care about in listening, so does reading about tennis — or any sport — inherently fail to do it justice.

In Federer’s case, more than for any other player I’ve seen, there’s also a huge gulf between even the best televised version of his game and the real thing. When I saw him play a quarterfinal against the talented but overmatched David Nalbandian in 2004 — on his way to his first of five-and-counting U.S. Open Titles — I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing. Catch it while you can.