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A Death in the Family

February 18th, 2010 4 comments

I was going to blog about something that I listened to today. Then I learned that a colleague that I very much liked and respected, Bobby Lipkin, died today.

It was a couple of conversations with Bobby that gave me the courage to start this blog. His passion and energy were evident, and he convinced me to get past (even if I couldn’t entirely overcome) my uneasiness and fear of putting myself out there. His blog, Essentially Contested America, went quiet a few months ago, but it will live in cyberspace and in intellectual discourse for a long, long time. Perhaps one of his co-bloggers, or someone else, will carry his effort forward. But he will be missed.

If you knew Bobby Lipkin, and want some comfort, perhaps spending a few minutes with the clear voice you’ll hear on his blog will help.