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Strategy, Responsibility, and…Governance?

July 7th, 2009 No comments

Sarah Palin is an obvious dunderhead whose sell-by date has way passed. (For lots of detail, go to Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish.) So first, an apology for devoting this short post to her. So she resigned as governor of Alaska, apparently a state. Really, who cares about her future? She’ll make scads of money preaching to the increasingly isolated far right wing of the Republican party, and provide both useful air minutes to Fox NEWS, and ink to the still-smitten Bill Kristol. Her “political future” is an oxymoron; she has none.

Speaking of her defenders, and of the right-wing true believers more generally….This surreal resignation has laid bare (not for the first time) that responsible governance isn’t their concern. Karl Rove described the decision as “a risky strategy.” Strategy? What about the sheer irresponsibility of resigning your office when the heat is turned up? That’s not Rove’s concern, and never has been. The guy who wanted to create a permanent Republican majority still doesn’t understand that voters can see through “strategy” to something called “substance.” The alter ego of the “boy genius” —  “turd blossom” — long ago became the more accurate sobriquet.

Ann Coulter, whom I’d vowed never to mention because doing so is like publicizing a whoopee cushion, defended Palin on the grounds that she shouldn’t have to continue defending herself against these pesky ethics investigations. In true defense-to-offense fashion, she suggested an ethics investigation against…anyone initiating an ethics investigation against Palin. Coulter decried the sheer number of investigations launched against Palin, confident that her analytically challenged audience wouldn’t stop to think that all of these investigations might indicate serious problems with the subject of the investigation rather than with the investigators, who are mostly of her own party. Here she is, in a mutual gush-fest with Sean Hannity. (You can stop after the first couple of minutes. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.)

Here’s a question that we might ask: What if everyone did that? “Well, I’m not going to run for reelection, so I’ll just quit midway through my term.”

Sarah Palin has no future in politics — or, I vow, on this blogsite — but there’s always a warm home for her among the true believers. Now, it’s time to cash in.