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“What Happens in Vegas” (and Throughout Nevada)

December 16th, 2009 No comments

It’s hard to offer any coherent commentary on Nevada, a state largely defined by the strangest city on Earth: Las Vegas. (Dubai, the U.A.E. city-state, is closing fast. In addition to an indoor ski slope in the desert, the developers of this weird place have just reaffirmed their commitment to a Tiger Woods-themed, $1 billion golf course.) So instead of piecing together some kind of commentary, I invite you to consider the connections and contradictions between the following “relationship” issues:

  • The Shady Lady Brothel has just announced that its first male workers (running the age gamut from early adulthood to (in this context) depressingly middle-aged) will start on January 5, 2010. OOH! My birthday is on January 6, for anyone in need of a gift suggestion.
  • Want a tacky wedding? (Is that redundant?) Embrace the moment with imitation Elvises in Vegas. (I know at least two couples who have done this.) These faux Kings can do just about anything: Jump out of planes; serenade in sequins (were you expecting “early Elvis”?)…. Get creative.
  • Hotties Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher’s inevitably lovable characters in the formulaic but appealing What Happens in Vegas provided a hit-you-over-the-head indictment of the instant wedding culture in Vegas when, drunk, they married in order to collect millions they’d won gambling. They ended up together, of course, in apparent affirmation of some cosmic cuteness principle.
  • Governor Gibbons of Nevada vetoed a domestic partnership bill this year, which aimed to provide same-sex) couples the benefits of marriage without the label. His spokesman said that he’d “stood up for what he believes in.” Which, given the state of marriage in Nevada is…what, exactly? On second thought, if he really doesn’t like us, perhaps he should have suggested marriage equality for gays instead.

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