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Trenchant Observations on Massachusetts and Ball Boys…in Pink

January 19th, 2010 No comments

There are no shortage of analyses on the Massachusetts Senate race, and I want to weigh in with my own observation: Scott Brown won because he’s a hunk in the same televangelist mode as Mitt Romney.

One key difference: Romney would never have posed in the all-together. That’s altogether non-Mormon. The flap didn’t hurt Brown any, though, perhaps because he looked like this:


Put aside the unspeakable early 80’s hairstyle and he looks pretty good. But very straight-looking, thanks — in the Massachusetts Senate, Mr. Soon-to-be-Filibuster supported amending the state’s constitution to ban the gay marriages that have been taking place for most of the decade.

I do wonder if Brown’s image could have survived had an image of him in this get-up surfaced:

James Blake meets some of the ball boys and girls who will be working during the tournament.

(That’s American (falling) star James Blake in the middle.) Ball boys in pink? That’s what they’re wearing this year at the Australian Open! They actually look sort of cool when you watch the matches, but they’ve caused quite the controversy.