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Something to be Avoided?

October 9th, 2011 No comments

An interesting argument made by this writer against the passive voice. His conclusion: there’s no good reason it shouldn’t be used (by us). The whole piece is worth reading (it’s not long). But the kicker: those who inveigh against the passive voice use it themselves. Yep, it’s used by them:

[T]his is where modern American writing instruction has brought us. Totally unmotivated warnings against sentences that have nothing wrong with them are handed out by people who (unwittingly) often use such sentences more than the people they criticize. And the warnings are consumed by people who don’t know enough grammar to evaluate them (which is why the percentage of passives in published prose continues basically unchanged over time). The blind warning the blind about a danger that isn’t there.

Don’t just sit there, er, passively. Would that something be done by you!

(h/t Andrew Sullivan)

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