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The Pink Wash? Israeli Activist Panel Disrupted by Pro-Palestinian Protesters

May 4th, 2012 1 comment

First post from Equality Forum is up over at the New Civil Rights Movement. Here’s how it begins:

Well, that was interesting.

About an hour into last night’s Equality ForumFeatured Nation: Israel” panel, four or five protesters barged into the room and began shouting about Israel’s inhumane treatment of the Palestinians. They had a huge banner that they never managed to unfurl, and what looked like a manifesto that they never managed to read — because they were quickly dragged out of the room by the hotel’s security staff.

All but one woman. Inexplicably wearing what looked like a Mardi Gras mask, she moved toward the front of the room and tried to speak. For a minute or so, there was a bizarre stand-off between her and several loud and angry audience members, who shouted (unhelpfully) “Get out.”

What happened next? Toggle on over and find out.

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