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“The Paparazzi Clapped”

My best efforts to retain a level of smug detachment from the whole Miss California/Carrie Prejean issue have been swamped by the Donald.

As  you probably know by now, Mr. Hair Sculpture co-owns the Miss Universe Organization. So the decision whether to allow Prejean to retain her shimmering tiara was left to him. Here’s what he had to say at the press conference:

There’s a lot to marvel at here. Note the logo, with Trump’s name repeated endlessly under that of the pageant corporation. Given his relentless self-promotion — not to mention his unsteady financial position these days — did we really expect him to strip her (of her crown)? After all, as he kept reminding us, “this is the 21st century.”1 Keep this in the news, with more and racier photos emerging every day, and the pageant (“a monster” hit, as he says in the video) stays in the public eye. Cashier her, and some nameless replacement steps in, relegating the pageant to the obscurity it richly deserves.

Consider this revealing statement, given by Trump in response to questions from the avuncular Larry King, on what he thought about the all-out-war on “Celebrity Apprentice” between Annie “Poker Face” Duke and Joan “Impossible Face” Rivers: “Well, I liked it very much…. Especially…when the ratings came in, because it was a ratings bonanza last night for NBC.”

If you have interest in the integrity of your enterprise, don’t let Bud Selig or Donald Trump run it. You’ll end up with steroids, or subsidized breast enhancements and the paparazzi will clap, to  Trump’s approval, demanding more redeemable fodder. (They’d clap themselves bloody for a case of steroids and breast enhancements.)

Note that the Donald defended Prejean’s right to her opinion on marriage equality (so do I), but didn’t mention whether her current advocacy for the evil National Organization for Marriage violates her contract. It does seem an unusually controversial ‘platform’ for a pageant winner. Most choose The Scourge of...[fill-in-the-blank], ensuring wide support but little real traction or interest. (Have you ever met one of these young women? Me neither.) Unless it clearly violates some contractual provision, though, I  say: Let her keep the silly crown. Did you listen to her answer to the question?  If we can’t deal with Miss California’s stream-of-babble against marriage equality, the movement is in big trouble.

Just don’t let her carry a concealed weapon in a national park.

  1. Where idiocy and vapidity rule, apparently.
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