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Why I’m Not Blogging

Regular readers of of this blog have been  struck  by its shrinkage over the past few weeks. Basically, I’ve been linking to my 365gay columns and that’s it.

I don’t have a clear explanation as to why. It’s not as though I consciously  thought: “Hmm, I think I’ll cut way back for awhile.” It just sort of happened, even though I’ve meant to write about all sorts of things ranging from a review of an offensive book I read by Amy Wax (which I will do soon), more on the BP compensation fund, the U.S. Open tennis, and a review of the surprisingly effective “Billy Elliot” (which I saw with my mom).

I guess it was a combination of just naturally needing a break after one-and-a-half years of more or less daily blogging (with many of the posts long and time-consuming), the constant (but welcome) press of the weekly column and the slightly different and more demanding pressure it places on me, and a few administrative issues that will likely be resolved within a few weeks.

So I guess I’m in a rethinking mode. My guess now is  that I’ll resume regular blogging next week, but probably fewer times per week. Most of the LGBT-related stuff will now be on 365gay, which has a larger and more targeted audience. (I’ll continue to do short, linking posts to my work over there). But I’m an interested know-it-all, and have probably too much to say on all kinds of other issues, too.

Also, look for a new and glitzlier look to the site, starting some time next month.

I still love doing this too much to stop.  But a little time for rest, reflection and recharge is a good  thing, no?

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