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Maggie Responds! And I Can’t Leave it Alone

As readers of this site might not know, Maggie Gallagher directly responded to my post from last week’s 365gay.column. In a (mostly) respectful tone, she clarified — seemingly for the first time — her views on civil unions. In principle, she favors them but worries they’ll lead to full marriage equality. And opposing that outcome is her professional raison d’etre.

In this week’s column, I use her post as a springboard to discuss the oral argument in the Prop 8 case, and to agree with Maggie — civil unions do and will lead to full marriage equality. But we differ, of course, on whether that is a good or bad thing.

  1. Rick Wood
    December 9th, 2010 at 14:42 | #1

    John, Thank you for your well reasoned analysis of Ms. Gallagher’s position. My comment concerns what I see as the subtext of this debate. It seems to me that the very nature of the Christian God is at stake. Many thoughtful Christians believe in a God that unequivocally condemns gay people to eternal punishment. Even the main-line Christian churches like the Roman Catholic Church view gay people as “intrinsically disordered.”And yet even a casual observer might see that gay people are no more and no less honorable, decent, and hardworking than other people. There is no obvious reason for the terrible retribution awaiting gay people at the hands of their God. The central nature of God appears to be arbitrary at best and unspeakably cruel at worst. Neither is acceptable theology.

  2. December 10th, 2010 at 11:58 | #2

    I’m not a religious person, but I’m always appreciative of the viewpoints of those inclined to a more charitable view of Christianity (or any other religion, for that matter). A good friend of our family’s is a Seventh Day Adventist, and I recall her expressing surprise at some of the vitriol — and prayer — directed against health care reform. “Why would you pray for suffering”? she asked….
    Thanks for your comment, and for reading the column.

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