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Race and Swimming (Part X the Unknown)

This story just keeps getting more absurd. Now Tyler Perry, with a “creative step” of his own,  is footing the bill for a trip to Disney World for the Creative Steps kids who were subjected to racist comments and actions, and booted from the Valley Swim Club. According to CNN, which has been following this story, he says:

“‘This [treatment by Valley Club was] awful, and for anyone that has grown up in the inner-city, you know that one small act of kindness can change your life,’ he wrote, adding that with the trip to Disney World, ‘I want them to know that for every act of evil that a few people will throw at you, there are millions more who will do something kind for them. This is all about the kids.'”

All about the kids? Here’s what they are being taught so far. (Stay tuned for future lessons.)

  • If you’re aggrieved, sue. Don’t try to mediate. Don’t forgive. Don’t try to understand anyone else’s point of view. Just sue.
  • If you garner enough media attention, maybe some publicity-hungry celebrity will shower goodies on you,  to “compensate” you for what happened. Never mind the countless other city kids who have little or no access to recreational facilities. Let them get their own celebrity benefactor.
  • Racism can be cynically mined for cash.

Again, I don’t doubt the racism here. It was clear, and has essentially been admitted. Nor do I think that it should pass without consequence. But enough, already.

    1. Wanda Coleman
      July 22nd, 2009 at 06:25 | #1

      I am black and I know quite well that there was no racism involved in this swim club incident. The owner invited not just the black day care but other white day care also to t he club. When it was overcrowded, he rejected some applications. What is wrong with that? Blacks should stop crying racism at every single d— thing. Perhaps Tyler Perry can take that money and build a swiming pool for the kids . That would be better. I am sick of rich blacks not helping each other but when racism is alleged, they step in to act the big man. Perhaps he and Puf daddy and all these other rappers can stop wasting money on bling and lavish mansions and cars and help their own people.

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