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In Excess

Has this ever happened to you?

You’re at a fabulous outdoor party, taking a break from a harrowing game of croquet (the hedgehogs keep running away; PETA is harassing you) and go in search of something delicious to eat. Alas, the other guests are so déclassé that they’ve eaten everything scrumptious, leaving only the deviled eggs.

But there’s a reason they’re left. They’ve been sitting in the sun for hours, and you can think only of the public health peril, not of the benefits of the incredible, edible egg.

It didn’t need to happen, though. Because had the hosts an ounce of sophistication (to say nothing of basic human decency), they would have invested in a deviled egg server. This top-shelf item, sold by the fine folks at Frontgate, cradles the eggs lovingly in a cold-insulated, round serving tray; viz:

Super Chill Deviled Egg ServerYep, it lives up to its “super chill” description all right — and yours for only $99.50!

I’d love to know how many of these have been sold. It might be more interesting yet — though impossible — to find out how many would buy the thing if they had unlimited funds. As INXS memorably sang, every single one of us has the deviled egg server inside.

Think about it: a hundred clams for something that can’t even hold clams — deviled eggs only, please. Is this really right for today’s multi-taskers?

Every now and then — not often, or I couldn’t function — I look at something like this and think about the ever-widening gulf between the very rich and the rest of us.

Oh…excuse me. I have to go and synch my iPhone, iPad, and PowerBook.

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