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Marriage By Any Other Name

That was the title of the American Law Journal show that featured me and a couple of practicing lawyers. It aired yesterday and it now available on the web, here. Lots of interesting territory covered, I thought — better than the typical sound-bite-y news show. Reactions welcome (I think).

  1. November 11th, 2011 at 20:02 | #1

    Interesting discussion, John, and I couldn’t agree more that we’re faced with a very complex picture. All the more reason why DOMA must be repealed (either through legislation or judication), and the Full Faith & Credit be enforced.
    The Tobits (sp?) case is so typical of the disaster that faces the survivor in a long-term same-sex relationship – marriage or not – and is something I have a great deal of sympathy for, having gone through similar circumstances many years ago.
    The entire program spoke to me of something I’ve bitched and preached about for a long time, “I don’t give a damn how much you love each other. Put it in writing, get it witnessed, get it notarized, and make sure – with an attorney’s help – that it meets all of the state’s legal requirements!” I learned that lesson the hard way, and I wish I could get it through everyone else’s head.

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