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Polyamory, continued

This discussion on polyamorous relationships continues to be interesting, and to generate thoughtful comments. Here’s another, from my lawyer-swimming friend, Eric Cheung:

In my Family Law class, which was taught by a graduate of Yale Law named Jill Hasday, she had us go over some readings discussing how social norms during the early 19th century were established against polygamy specifically to oppress Mormons.  Basically, there were these series of pulp romance novels directed towards female readers depicting women being brutalized, raped and enslaved due to their status as a one of multiple wives.  The result was a popular movement, led by women, against polygamy — and by extension, against LDS.  What I got out of those readings was that polygamy was perhaps more acceptable in early American society, until it became identified with Mormonism.  Then it became vilified so that people would learn to fear and hate Mormons.

Well, it wouldn’t be the first time that popular culture has directed legal and social movements, sometimes movements directed against unpopular groups. Of course I’m interested in reading more of your thoughts  and comments.

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