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Health Care Reform Bill Passes House

In a vote the outcome of which became evident earlier in the day, the House just passed the Health Care Reform bill. The rest will be all Sturm und Drang — in other words, endless fodder for pundits, but with no real surprises or deviation from the outcome.

I made the tragic error of listening to much of the debate tonight. Oy! A few good points raised on either side (arguing about the effect on Medicare; whether the CBO estimate can be trusted; the wisdom and enforceability of mandates), but most of it was the worst kind of bloviating. Our freedoms will be sacrified, our nation will slide into a Euro-socialist swamp, and on and on. These Representatives are living counterarguments to their own assertions about “American exceptionalism”, unless that exceptionalism is that we’re a completely negative, uncharitable people.

This is a huge victory, let us not forget amid all of the distraction.

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