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The First Legally Married, Gay Dad in the U.S. Congress?

Read Melanie Nathan’s short profile of Palm Springs Mayor and Democratic candidate for the US House of Representatives, Steve Pougnet. He’s running against Sonny Bono’s widow, Mary Bono Mack (now married to Florida Congressman Connie Mack). Bono Mack, of course, is the stepmother of the one and only Chaz (formerly Chastity) Bono, the offspring of the inexplicably famous Sonny and Cher. But I digress. Read Nathan’s account for a good sense of what having a legally married (before Prop 8 passed) father could do to the climate in the House. In sum: It would put another human face on the arguments for true equality, and the first of an otherwise mainstream, married parent. It’s going to be even harder for DOMA defenders to stand up and argue their position in front of this dad of three-year-old twins. As you might guess, I see a kindred spirit in Pougnet. (h/t Lee Dorsey)

BTW, my 365gay.com column tomorrow is on the legal treatment of gender complexity, especially in the context of marriage. I’ll expand on it here after it runs.

OK, I can’t resist doing this. Please, forgive me for bringing down the house (now you’re curious, admit it):

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