About John Culhane

I was born in NY City. This must have been a long time ago by now. One thing led to another and now I’m writing a blog. Here’s more:

I attended college (William and Mary), law school (Fordham), and worked in New York and Chicago (at the University of Chicago) before landing in Philadelphia. I teach at the Widener University School of Law, where I write about a variety of subjects: marriage equality; the role of politics in law; compensation of disaster victims; public health issues (including HIV/AIDS and gun violence); and tort law and theory. I also direct our Health Law Institute, and have a lecturer position at the Yale School of Public Health.

My film career recently began in earnest, as I’m featured (well, sort of) in a documentary entitled “America Betrayed”; the film looks at infrastructure issues and government corruption, especially in connection with Hurricane Katrina. You can order the DVD here. (More often, I’m going on at a great rate at conferences, in print, or on radio or TV.)

A long-time competitive swimmer, I still love to swim. I love tennis too, although I’m more successful as a spectator than as a player.

Oh, I’m married (although not in the eyes of the law) and have twin four-year-old girls.

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