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Office Pool 2: How Long Before McDonnell Has to Disavow Another of his Crazy Actions?

April 14th, 2010 1 comment

Honestly, I can’t keep up with Va. Governor McDonnell’s pratfalls. Anyone who reads this blog knows about his walk-backs of his homophobic and racist appeals to his “right-wing” base. Now he’s having to explain his new “literacy” test for ex-felons who want their voting rights back. This post by a William and Mary student is hilarious:

I also feel the need to mention the actions of a far more nefarious governing body. One would imagine that Gov. Bob McDonnell would have met his racism quota for at least the rest of April when he declared it white history month without mentioning that white people used to be allowed to own other people, but apparently not. Albeit in an altered form, McDonnell has reinstituted literacy tests. The same literacy tests used to disenfranchise black people after the civil war, which I assume, like slavery, McDonnell was unaware of. For some reason, Virginia (along with Kentucky) requires an act of governor to reinstate a released felon’s voting rights. Now, instead of merely filling out a form, a released felon must write an essay to McDonnell detailing what he has contributed to society since being released from prison. On the one hand I am interested in anything that will take up McDonnell’s day so he has less time to figure out how to reanimate the rotting corpse of Jefferson Davis, but on the other, based on his knowledge of history, I’m fairly sure he can’t read. I have no doubt that is only the beginning of McDonnell’s master plan to create a tear in the space/time continuum in order to escape the frightening social progressions of the 20th century.

I’d like to open the comment boards to future acts of the governor that he might consider when deciding how to further Virginia’s devolution.

May I be the first to offer one such “future act”?

Perhaps McDonnell can attend a KKK rally, and then claim afterwards that:

(1) He wore the white sheet by mistake; he’d intended to wear a floral print and thereby make an ironic statement about intolerance; or

(2) By attending, he was affirming what’s good about the KKK (its long history, its sense of community) while not getting bogged down in stuff that was “less significant for Virginia.”

In any case, the rift in the space/time continuum is now starting to become visible. As it opens wider, the pace of “one culture warrior step up, one step back” should only increase. My own office pool entry is: five days until next right-wing fiasco.