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What Happened in Fort Worth?

June 29th, 2009 No comments

It would be unwise to draw hard conclusions before all of the facts come out, but this looks bad. This past Saturday night, a gay bar in Ft. Worth was raided, and the reason given by  the Ft. Worth police department for the raid — an alcohol inspection — seems flatly contradicted by some of the facts; including the presence of several “paddy wagons” on site to cart off arrestees. One guy is in the hospital with what increasingly looks like a life-threatening brain injury.

Read the whole article (it’s long but very informative), and this one, too. That this  happened exactly 40 years after Stonewall is a dismal reminder that the struggles for equality and basic humanity continue. This story (both the specific one and the more general one) will continue to develop.

(h/t Chris Geidner at Law Dork)